Serial Number Inspection

Serial Number Inspection in Sheet form


The system for serial number inspection consists of the imaging system mounted in the delivery section of the numbering machine as shown in the figure. The data from the imaging system is transferred to a processing station wherein the decision is made on the number quality. The numbers are inspected for logical conditions i.e. numbers in a given note should match, numbers should adhere to a certain sequence logic, registration should be proper, etc. The numbers are also checked for the print quality. A marking system consisting of an appropriate printer will be placed downstream after the imaging system. This marking system will mark the sides of the sheet with appropriate marking if the sheet is found to contain errors.


Lucid Imaging offers a very flexible image capture setup either with high resolution area scan or line scan cameras. Line scan cameras permit complete image of the sheet to be captured. This ensures that no mechanical changes are required when a different design/denomination is run. Area scan options offer more flexibility when reading difficult serial numbers such as those printed over cluttered backgrounds. Powerful LED lighting with options for multiple wavelengths provide the contrast needed. A suitable vacuum holding system is provided to hold the sheet stable during inspection. The imaging setup described above in combination with advanced number classification software allow for highly reliable serial number reading.

Key Specifications of the Lucid Number Inspection System

  • Installed inline on the Numbering machine
  • Operates at speeds of 10000 Sheets per hour
  • Multiple camera options – Line scan or Area scan
  • 0.2 mm resolution on paper allows for reliable reading. A resolution option of 0.1 mm is also available
  • Color cameras allow for the best separation between foreground numbers and background
  • High Brightness LED lights – Multiple wavelengths, switchable
  • Adjustable vacuum sheet holding mechanism
  • Ink jet printer for online sheet marking

Software Features

  • Ability to read numbers of different sizes, multiple colors, telescoping digits, etc
  • Powerful segmentation techniques to extract number from cluttered backgrounds
  • Sensitive Optical Character Verification
  • Ease of Training and setup of parameters – a Tree view & edit feature permits utmost flexibility in customizing the setup.
  • Flexible reporting tool allows for data extraction in the form most convenient to the user