Commercial Print Inspection

Online Web Inspection System

Lucid Online Print Inspection systems provide 100% web inspection for the complete web width. It helps to reduce wastage since the causes of flaws can be corrected as soon as they occur. The system is equipped with a highly powerful and user friendly software. The operator can provide different tolerance levels for different regions hence assuring only critical defects will be rejected. The live visualization of defects is displayed on the monitor so the operator can evaluate it. Defective print images will be archived in the database for further evaluation.

Key Specifications :-

  • Scalable system provides Inspection resolution of upto 0.2 mm, web width upto 2000 mm
  • Inspection speed upto 720 m/min
  • Single or Double sided inspection
  • Press can be stopped when a preconfigured number of repetitive defects occur.
  • Location of the defects on the web roll is provided which helps the operator to remove the defective printed content from the web.
  • Defective areas can be marked using a Tab insertion system or an inkjet marking system.

PDF to Print Verification System

Lucid PDF to print verification system is a proofreading system for ensuring that the printed jobs match the design.

Too often, errors & defects in printing plates are transferred to the print jobs and go unnoticed. This is eliminated as the print jobs are compared to the master PDF document.

Key Specifications:-

  • Standalone or can be combined with our offline Inspection machine
  • Color Inspection resolution of 0.1 mm (standalone)
  • Automatic alignment correction
  • High inspection speed

Offline Inspection Machine for Cartons & sheets

Lucid Offline inspection machine is a standalone machine for quality examination of printed cartons and sheets. The products passed through the machine are examined for defects and appropriately stacked in different bins.

Key Specifications:-

  • Inspection resolution of upto 0.2mm
  • Inspection speed of 150 m/min
  • Inspection width of 400 mm
  • Tri linear color camera for enhanced color fidelity and efficiency
  • 2nd Camera for foil registration checking
  • User friendly interface allows easy configuration of software
  • Multiple delivery bins to separate good and defective sheets/cartons
  • Can be combined with PDF verification