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Print Inspection Systems


Lucid Imaging offers to upgrade existing inspection systems. Typically, printing presses such as intaglio and offset presses are supplied with inspection systems from the machine builder. While the mechanical themselves are robust and do not need change, there is rapid obsolescence of the electronics and software. With advancements in Camera Electronics, Image processing hardware and Software, systems that are even a few years old are outdated and there is a significant benefit in upgrading.

In Line Print inspection systems consist of the mechanical hardware that supports the sheet, camera(s) that capture images, image processing hardware and software & finally an interface into the control system of the printing press. This is shown in the figure below:-

Key specifications of the Lucid Print Inspection system

Overall Specifications:-

  • Inspection of Sheets at 10000 Sheets per hour
  • Inspection resolution of 0.44 mm standard (0.22 mm optional)
  • Upgrades can be done on any manufacturers machine and model
  • Interface will be provide to the Press control PLC to allow separation of Good & Defective sheets

Component Specifications

  • Digital Cameras using high resolution image sensors
  • Resolution of 4 Megapixels is standard allowing an inspection resolution of 0.44 mm
  • Optional resolution of 16 Megapixels allows inspection resolution of 0.22 mm
  • High Fidelity color cameras are standard. Allows inspection in Color thereby permitting better defect detection which is not possible with monochrome systems
  • Image Processing Hardware
  • Combination of Hardware processing, High performance multi core CPU’s & GPU’s permit use of complex software algorithms
  • Software Advancements
  • Powerful, User friendly Windows based software allows for great flexibility & precision in Model development
  • New Algorithms permit sensitive defect detection while maintaining high yield

Most of the components used are off the shelf making the overall system very reliable, avoiding obsolescence and ensures easy long term availability of spares.